Maintenance – Whatever you need please ask

Clarke power products, hand and power tools, cleaning and repair materials, tool transformers, extension cables, air compressors, nailers, sandblasters, metal detectors, welders, sack trucks, jacks, pallet trucks, engineering work bench, jump starts, bolt less shelving, heaters, log busters, insect killers etc
Gland packing, belts, bearings, paint rollers, paint scrapers, paint sprayers, compressors, padlocks, site transformers, lubricants, adhesives, fasteners, fixings, woodruff keys, grease nipples, pipe repair materials, fuses, o ring kits, springs, washers, etc
Wheels, castors, vulcanising material, lubricants, paints, tyres, tyre sealants, rust inhibitors, oils, greases, stockinet, parts washer, cleaners, sanding pads, sand papers, grinding wheels, brushes, maintenance sprays, etc, windscreen repair materials
Water and pool treatment, instruments and test kits, water conditioners and sterlisers, sewage pumps, drinking fountains, fountain pumps, hose, pipe and fittings, filtration and filters, Engine driven water pumps
Nuts, bolts, screws, tacks, O rings, springs, gasket material, nails, ladders, steps, welding rods, terminals, denso tapes, pvc tape, riveters, masonary anchors, angle iron, steel rod, wall plugs, sump plugs, strapping wire, key steel, expansion and compression springs, wire strippers, fencing pliers,

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